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Promoter, Promotion,推廣員、傳單員、活動大使、公仔人、展覽會推廣助理及展覽會倉務助理, 人力資源服務 提供人力資源 工作流程管理 培訓及管理 薪酬管理 市場

Promoter, Promotion, 推廣員, Model, Event, Marketing,

派傳單, 派單員, 傳單公司

Provide opportunities and training

We are committed to providing people with more jobs, more favorable working conditions, more secure and comfortable work environment, and in the past few years, we have provided more than 3,000 jobs.


Promote environmental protection

Protection of the environment to promote staff awareness of energy conservation, most of our files are scanned for archival records, in order to lead a photocopy paper waste and carbon emissions to a minimum.


Community support

Support and help disadvantaged groups, will regularly employ the Programme of parties and EPM and provide guidance, assistance and training to help them take the social and reflect working life.


Caring community

Caring (Caring Company) is one instigated by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service program designed to promote the strategic partnership between the business community and the welfare sector to jointly promote corporate social responsibility, building a cohesive society; inspire corporate social responsibility to encourage institutions caring for the community, care staff and care for the environment.


Promoter, Promotion,推廣員、傳單員、活動大使、公仔人、展覽會推廣助理及展覽會倉務助理, 人力資源服務 提供人力資源 工作流程管理 培訓及管理 薪酬管理 市場EDM, email marketing, emarketing, online advertisement, 企業電郵, 企業電郵名錄, 網上宣傳, 網上宣傳方法, 電郵宣傳,電郵推廣, 電郵推廣服務, event company
marketing company, promoter, promotion, 市場推廣, 推廣公司, 推廣員, 派傳單, 派單張, 派發傳單, promoter, promoter agency, Promoter公司, promotor, 推廣員, 產品推廣, promoter 招聘公司

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